A Message from Clarence William Page

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A Message from Clarence William Page

Post by Clarence » Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:40 pm

To All Visitors:

I operate numerous Internet sites. When a site's server or ISP is malfunctioning, I may direct its traffic here. (This is also one of my sites).
From here you will be able to reach some of my other sites.
If you want to engage in serious, in-depth discussions, you are welcome to sign-in and participate here. (These are heavy discussions and are not for people who are weak or faint of heart.). These discussions are too heavy for social media.
So, please view some of our other sites; or, if you are strong enough and not a complainer, join the discussions.

Here are two of my other sites:



Thanks for visiting!

Here is one of my very simple and basic audio sites:

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